The Start of an Adventure

Back in 1988 when the Hayden family business started packaging ready-measured spices with accompanying recipes as a service to customers at their suburban deli in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, little did they realize that this innovation would grow into a business that today supplies customers around the world.

Proof of the Pudding

Over the past 30+ years Nice ‘n Spicy’s eye-catching, step-by-step recipes with their distinctive spice layers have introduced thousands of new enthusiasts to this convenient way of preparing curries and other spicy dishes.

Wide Appeal

There’s no doubt that these conveniently packaged spices enjoy universal appeal.

In addition to being marketed throughout Southern Africa, Nice ‘n Spicy products are exported to many countries abroad.

Up-to-date Tastes

It’s important to keep abreast of international cooking trends and so from time to time Nice ‘n Spicy develops new products to meet popular tastes.  New recipes are extensively researched and tested to ensure the final result is as authentic and widely appealing as possible.


Similar looking products, often word-for-word copies, have appeared on the market from time to time but few survive largely because none have been able to successfully duplicate the authentic flavours and heat levels of the original Nice ‘n Spicy products.  These recipes have been perfected over many years of testing, thanks largely to enthusiastic consumer input.

The difference” says partner Gene Hayden who has been in the food and spice business for nearly 40 years “is that it’s extremely difficult to reproduce tastes closely without knowing the exact formulation of the various blends of spices.”

Also, all of our proprietary blends are specially manufactured for us by our FSSC22000 accredited suppliers and are not commercially available.  For instance, our Balti Butter Chicken pack contains blends consisting of more than 20 different individual pure spice and herb ingredients. Even a food technologist would have difficulty duplicating the taste.”


The spice packs are hand-measured and sealed – providing much needed employment to the local community.

Despite the labour-intensive manufacturing process, production volumes are flexible.

A core team is always in place to meet normal volume requirements and when the need arises additional trained workers are on hand to meet production deadlines.


Nice ‘n Spicy’s operation is housed in neat business premises that conform to local health standards.

Careful attention is paid to maintaining hygienic working conditions and food safety standards.

Only the best available quality pure spices, herbs and blends sourced from reputable spice merchants are used in Nice ‘n Spicy products.  Particular care is taken to maintain uniformity of the packed spice measures, as well as consistency of the finished products and prepared meals, which is of utmost importance.

Please follow the link to print our ingredients list: ingredients list


There are currently eighteen variants in Nice ‘n Spicy’s step-by-step recipe pack range.
A small range of unique sprinkle seasonings in shakers is also produced.